Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wall-E Soundtrack

Wall-E Soundtrack Cover
The soundtrack of Wall-E which will be released on June 24, 2008 is already available in pre-order at Amazon (order here). Some nice sweet songs in Wall-E, Pixar made a nice selection:

Wall-E Soundtrack
Track Listings
1. Put On Your Sunday Clothes
Performed by Michael Crawford
2. 2815 A.D.
3. Wall-E
4. The Spaceship
5. EVE
6. Thrust
7. Bubble Wrap
8. La Vie En Rose
Performed by Louis Armstrong
9. Eye Surgery
10. Worry Wait
11. First Date
12. Eve Retrieve
13. The Axiom
14. BNL
15. Foreign Contaminant
16. Repair Ward
17. 72 Degrees and Sunny
18. Typing Bot
19. Septuacentennial
20. Gopher
21. Wall-E's Pod Adventure
22. Define Dancing*
23. No Splashing No Diving
24. All That Love's About
25. M-O
26. Directive A-113
27. Mutiny!
28. Fixing Wall-E
29. Rogue Robots
30. March of the Gels
31. Tilt
32. The Holo-Detector
33. Hyperjump
34. Desperate Eve
35. Static
36. It Only Takes a Moment
Performed by Michael Crawford
37. Down to Earth
Performed by Peter Gabriel
38. Horizon 12.2

I love Peter Gabriel: so happy he's singing for Wall-E!

By the way,if you read the track list in detail you'll have a quite good idea about what is going to happen during the animated movie,about its plot of Wall-E.


A.Strada said...

Mr.Gabriel you are a great music producer,are you going to make more music?