Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wall-E Preview Clip

Wall-E is the latest CGI animated movie from Disney Pixar. It features a cute little robot who was built to clean the Earth but who is going to learn what he was meant for!

Here below some preview clips from Wall-E:

Wall-E, alone on Earth since quite a long time, has become a compulsive collector!

Wall-E buries himself into the ground to survive to the firing thrusters of Eve's spaceship which is landing.

Wall-E is hazardously flirting with Eve while showing her some pirate DVD)...

Wall-E gets some make up on his face.

Moe, a cute Chinese-looking cleaning mini robot, wants to take the dirt out of Wall-E's body.

A naughty mini-robot tricks Wall-E and sends him for destruction outside the spaceship. But a desperate Eve tries to come at his rescue!

There is no denying that love is in the air!