Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wall-E Love Is In The Air

Can robots fall in love? Well, maybe not today's robots, but advanced robots like in this upcoming Disney Pixar movie are quite sensitive. And love is not a feeling out of their reach. Indeed Wall-E and Eve are going to be tied by a love bound.

Here below a new lovely Wall-E clip featuring the song 'Love Is In The Air' by singer John Paul Young:

Wall-E - Love Is In The Air

When you fall in love, a few seduction lessons are required...
  • Lesson 1: Entertain her
  • Lesson 2: Impress her
  • Lesson 3: Protect her
  • Lesson 4: Be patient
  • Lesson 5: Make her laugh
Wall-E Loves Eve!

If you want to listen longer to the sweet song:

Love Is In The Air
by Australian singer John Paul Young

This Disney Pixar movie is for sure a hit! They've got it all right!