Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wall-E Vacuuum, Magnet, Hula Hoop, Headphones, Bouncy Balls and Fire Hydrant Teasers

Some charming vignettes have shown up for Wall-E.

In the first teaser Wall-E strugles against a vacuum cleaner:

Wall-E Meets Vacuum Cleaner.

The second teaser features the cute little robot trying to get rid of a sticky magnet. Here below the Wall-E magnet teaser:

Wall-E Meets Magnet.

And the third Wall-E vignette features him having fun with a hula hoop:

Wall-E Meets Hula Hoop.

Wall-E is a robot who can enjoy listening to music with headphones:

Wall-E Meets Headphones.

He acts like a playful child sometimes, enjoying playing with bouncy balls:

Wall-E Meets Bouncy Balls.

Or playing with a tricky fire hydrant:

Wall-E Meets Fire Hydrant.

Some may think Wall-E is kind of retard, but he is not: not at all! He is just a playful robot. Built for cleaning up the world, he is going to discover what he is meant for, and nop, he isn't meant for magnet fighting.