Monday, October 1, 2007

Wall-E Trailer 2

A second Wall-E trailer (watch Wall-E Trailer 1) has been released, here it is:

Now we've got some more information about Pixar's movie Wall-E:

Earth has been overpolluted. As a result Mankind had to fly to space.
In order to clean Earth's surface a fleet of robots built by the BuyNLarge Corporation has been sent.
Unfortunately the task is so huge that the robots run out of service one after another till there is only Wall-E, working lonely at a never ending task.
But the arrival of a new robot, Eve, will trigger Wall-E destiny: he will discover what he was meant for !

The trailer is presented like a TV-ad made by BuyNlarge. A special website has been set up by the production: (well, this name sounds a little bit strange... ;-p )