Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wall-E Trailer with Eve

A new trailer had shown up for Wall-E. It features not only Wall-E but his new lovely counterpart too: robots and love are not incompatible!

Check by yourself, here below the last Wall-E Trailer:

Pixar will once again amaze us with their great talent.
Wall-E is gonna be a blockbuster.


Anonymous said...

It was a good movie

Anonymous said...

This filmdeserves the 5 star...just watched it today, brilliant and hilarious

Anonymous said...

What DOES EVE stand for, anyway? I just can't remeber from the movie, and I can't find it online anywhere.

Teaser Trailer said...


In the movie Wall-E, EVE stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator.

Eve is indeed a probe looking for vegetation which would hint of a potential new home for mankind.