Friday, June 6, 2008

Wall-E Baseball, Basketball, Camera, Robot Dance and Football Vignettes

A new series of Wall-E teaser vignettes has reached the web from Brazil. Those Wall-E are really nice. I let you check them:

Wall-E is not that bad at playing baseball:

Wall-E meets baseball.

Wall-E and Eve in a baseball game.

He's quite good at football (soccer) too:

Wall-E meets football.

And when he wins a game Wall-E has his own winner dance, a robot dance of course:

Wall-E Robot Dance

Wall-E is such a star, cameras follow him everywhere. But Wall-E still has some fascination for them:

Wall-E meets camera.

How can you resist to Wall-E? He is so adorable! I think I'm going to buy my own Wall-E robot dancer like this one:

I love Wall-E!