Friday, June 20, 2008

Wall-E Final Trailer

A last (?) final trailer of Wall-E has been unveiled, with now just one week left before the official release of the Disney Pixar CGI movie:

Earth 2800:
The fate of Mankind rests on one highly advanced machine!

On June 27th hang on for an adventure beyond the ordinar-E.


I love the scene were Wall-E keeps quiet after Eve shot at a screen alert showing them as rogue robots.

Let's hope that Earth will never need to be cleaned by Wall-E robots (even if he's cute). The future is our hands, in the hands of each of us: don't forget it! Act for our beloved Earth before it's too late (and before Earth's trees get mad at Mankind like in The Happening)!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wall-E Preview Clip

Wall-E is the latest CGI animated movie from Disney Pixar. It features a cute little robot who was built to clean the Earth but who is going to learn what he was meant for!

Here below some preview clips from Wall-E:

Wall-E, alone on Earth since quite a long time, has become a compulsive collector!

Wall-E buries himself into the ground to survive to the firing thrusters of Eve's spaceship which is landing.

Wall-E is hazardously flirting with Eve while showing her some pirate DVD)...

Wall-E gets some make up on his face.

Moe, a cute Chinese-looking cleaning mini robot, wants to take the dirt out of Wall-E's body.

A naughty mini-robot tricks Wall-E and sends him for destruction outside the spaceship. But a desperate Eve tries to come at his rescue!

There is no denying that love is in the air!

Wall-E Robots Presented by Andrew Stanton

In a recent Wall-E featurette done by Disney Movie Surfers Director Andrew Stanton talks about the different robots in the upcoming CG animated movie.

The bots in Wall-E are all cute actually! And this tiny cleaner robot, Moe, is a damned charming toaster (but well, when it's question of toaster I would still prefer Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica though).

Wall-E is going to be a cult movie!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wall-E NBA Basketball Clip

A new Wall-E has been aired during the last NBA game opposing the Celtics versus the Lakers. It's probably the most dynamic Wall-E trailer so far! This Disney Pixar CGI animated movie looks gorgeous!

Here below the Wall-E NBA spot:

Wall-E know how to dribble a basketball! Well at least he is better than Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wall-E Baseball, Basketball, Camera, Robot Dance and Football Vignettes

A new series of Wall-E teaser vignettes has reached the web from Brazil. Those Wall-E are really nice. I let you check them:

Wall-E is not that bad at playing baseball:

Wall-E meets baseball.

Wall-E and Eve in a baseball game.

He's quite good at football (soccer) too:

Wall-E meets football.

And when he wins a game Wall-E has his own winner dance, a robot dance of course:

Wall-E Robot Dance

Wall-E is such a star, cameras follow him everywhere. But Wall-E still has some fascination for them:

Wall-E meets camera.

How can you resist to Wall-E? He is so adorable! I think I'm going to buy my own Wall-E robot dancer like this one:

I love Wall-E!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wall-E Full Trailer

The full trailer of Wall-E is now available. It's almost the same as the last leaked Wall-E trailer but with some great additional footage at the end.

Here below the last Wall-E trailer:

An adventure beyond the ordinar!

Wall-E is so cute: would be happy to have one robot him instead of my dirty naughty dog (I like my him, but he's so naughty!).
Eve is cute too even if she's kind of similar to to the Nabaztagrabbit:

Eve from Wall-E vs NabaztagAnyway, Disney and Pixar are real pixel wizards: they make emotions blossom out of pixels!

Wall-E Introduction To The Characters by BuyNLarge

Disney Pixar has released an new promo clip / trailer for Wall-E, the upcoming CGI animated movie. It starts like some corporate clip from BuyNlarge (nope, it's not question of penis enlargement here) the omnipotent company in charge of Mankind's destiny, before introducing the robots from the movie Wall-E:

There will be some human in the movie, but according to what I've heard not many: most are said to be in some hibernation. Maybe Wall-E will awake them and bring them back to Mother Earth!

Wall-E Love Is In The Air

Can robots fall in love? Well, maybe not today's robots, but advanced robots like in this upcoming Disney Pixar movie are quite sensitive. And love is not a feeling out of their reach. Indeed Wall-E and Eve are going to be tied by a love bound.

Here below a new lovely Wall-E clip featuring the song 'Love Is In The Air' by singer John Paul Young:

Wall-E - Love Is In The Air

When you fall in love, a few seduction lessons are required...
  • Lesson 1: Entertain her
  • Lesson 2: Impress her
  • Lesson 3: Protect her
  • Lesson 4: Be patient
  • Lesson 5: Make her laugh
Wall-E Loves Eve!

If you want to listen longer to the sweet song:

Love Is In The Air
by Australian singer John Paul Young

This Disney Pixar movie is for sure a hit! They've got it all right!

Wall-E Vacuuum, Magnet, Hula Hoop, Headphones, Bouncy Balls and Fire Hydrant Teasers

Some charming vignettes have shown up for Wall-E.

In the first teaser Wall-E strugles against a vacuum cleaner:

Wall-E Meets Vacuum Cleaner.

The second teaser features the cute little robot trying to get rid of a sticky magnet. Here below the Wall-E magnet teaser:

Wall-E Meets Magnet.

And the third Wall-E vignette features him having fun with a hula hoop:

Wall-E Meets Hula Hoop.

Wall-E is a robot who can enjoy listening to music with headphones:

Wall-E Meets Headphones.

He acts like a playful child sometimes, enjoying playing with bouncy balls:

Wall-E Meets Bouncy Balls.

Or playing with a tricky fire hydrant:

Wall-E Meets Fire Hydrant.

Some may think Wall-E is kind of retard, but he is not: not at all! He is just a playful robot. Built for cleaning up the world, he is going to discover what he is meant for, and nop, he isn't meant for magnet fighting.

Wall-E Making Of

Disney Pixar upcoming CGI animated flick Wall-E is the result of digital craftsmanship spread over years. Here below a clip featuring the movie making of, with a focus on Director Andrew Stanton's role:

The Man and the Machine

And now a foray into the sound design of the film with Acamemy Award winning sound designer Ben Burtt:

A Space Journey In Sound - Wall-E

Magic movies get their magic from a skilled work on plot, characters, pictures and sound. I believe Disney Pixar gets the recipe right with Wall-E!

Wall-E Plot Featurette

Here below a new Wall-E featurette where Director Andrew Stanton from Pixar is discussing the movie story and the characters of Wall-E. The ice on the cake is additional Wall-E footage yet unseen:

Wall-E is a romantic robot who falls in love with Eve, a high end galactic robot.

Looks like Director Andrew Stanton really enjoy his job: he is talking about Wall-E with starry eyes.

Wall-E Widget

Disney Pixar has released a nice Wall-E widget you may integrate to your own site:

I would love to have such a domestic robot that would bring me what I need. Unfortunately my Nabaztagcan't do it yet. So, yeap, I want my own personal Wall-E!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wall-E TV Spot

TV spots start to be aired aired for Wall-E, an upcoming Pixar movie.

Here below the first Wall-E TV spot:

And a new TV spot since:

Wall-E is probably the cutest robot ever!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wall-E Trailer with Eve

A new trailer had shown up for Wall-E. It features not only Wall-E but his new lovely counterpart too: robots and love are not incompatible!

Check by yourself, here below the last Wall-E Trailer:

Pixar will once again amaze us with their great talent.
Wall-E is gonna be a blockbuster.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wall-E Superbowl Trailer

Here below the last trailer for the upcoming Pixar animation movie Wall-E that was aired during the Superbowl:

Hey Buzz did you meet Wall-E?

I love this Superbowl commercial spot!
It's really well done and I think it's quite nice to see Toy Story characters introducing Wall-E.
Thumb up for this Wall-E vacuum cleaner spot!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wall-E Trailer 4

A new trailer has been released for Wall-E.

Here it is:

Meet Wall-E,
a robot with a lot of time on his hands!

After 700 years alone, things are about to change.

Pixar produces really entertaining movies: looks like Wall-E is going to be quite funny!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wall-E Soundtrack

Wall-E Soundtrack Cover
The soundtrack of Wall-E which will be released on June 24, 2008 is already available in pre-order at Amazon (order here). Some nice sweet songs in Wall-E, Pixar made a nice selection:

Wall-E Soundtrack
Track Listings
1. Put On Your Sunday Clothes
Performed by Michael Crawford
2. 2815 A.D.
3. Wall-E
4. The Spaceship
5. EVE
6. Thrust
7. Bubble Wrap
8. La Vie En Rose
Performed by Louis Armstrong
9. Eye Surgery
10. Worry Wait
11. First Date
12. Eve Retrieve
13. The Axiom
14. BNL
15. Foreign Contaminant
16. Repair Ward
17. 72 Degrees and Sunny
18. Typing Bot
19. Septuacentennial
20. Gopher
21. Wall-E's Pod Adventure
22. Define Dancing*
23. No Splashing No Diving
24. All That Love's About
25. M-O
26. Directive A-113
27. Mutiny!
28. Fixing Wall-E
29. Rogue Robots
30. March of the Gels
31. Tilt
32. The Holo-Detector
33. Hyperjump
34. Desperate Eve
35. Static
36. It Only Takes a Moment
Performed by Michael Crawford
37. Down to Earth
Performed by Peter Gabriel
38. Horizon 12.2

I love Peter Gabriel: so happy he's singing for Wall-E!

By the way,if you read the track list in detail you'll have a quite good idea about what is going to happen during the animated movie,about its plot of Wall-E.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wall-E Trailer 3

A third trailer of Wall-E has been released:

Wall-E is a damned cute little robot!
Have you seen how lovely Wall-E is when he tried to avoid the small insect?

(watch Wall-E Trailer 1 or Wall-E Trailer 2)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Wall-E Trailer 2

A second Wall-E trailer (watch Wall-E Trailer 1) has been released, here it is:

Now we've got some more information about Pixar's movie Wall-E:

Earth has been overpolluted. As a result Mankind had to fly to space.
In order to clean Earth's surface a fleet of robots built by the BuyNLarge Corporation has been sent.
Unfortunately the task is so huge that the robots run out of service one after another till there is only Wall-E, working lonely at a never ending task.
But the arrival of a new robot, Eve, will trigger Wall-E destiny: he will discover what he was meant for !

The trailer is presented like a TV-ad made by BuyNlarge. A special website has been set up by the production: (well, this name sounds a little bit strange... ;-p )

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wall-E Pictures

Here below some pictures from Wall-E, upcoming Pixar movie featuring a cute little who is on the verge of discovering what he is meant for:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

I wonder how long we will have to wait before our clever scientists bring such adorable robots on the market... Let's hope not too long: I crave to my own Wall-E robot, I mean one with a real artificial intelligence, not a void shell piloted with a remote control...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wall-E teaser trailer

The Plot:

After 700 hundred years of doing what he was built for - collecting garbage on a dusty planet -,
Wall-E is going to discover what he was meant for !

Well we don't have that much information for now, but the cgi-animation done by Pixar seems to be as amazing as usual.

Looking at Wall-E one may but remember robot Johnny 5 from Short Circuit :

Wall-E is probably his grandson! I should call the Sun to tell them ;-p

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wall-E Posters

Here below some posters for Wall-E, upcoming Pixar animated movie that features a smart and cute little robo who has been left alone on Earth:
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

Pixar is once again producing a great animated movie that everyone will enjoy for sure!